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Sharing Cengage Unlimited Success Stories


Happy Friday!


I was on campus at University of Houston and Baylor University this week to share information about Cengage Unlimited and help students to get started with their digital courseware. I was completely blown away by the response to CU...students and instructors are so excited! It was great to hear instructors promoting CU as the "best value" and stressing that Cengage really cares about students, because we really do!


Students were asking "what's the catch," "do I have to buy separate subscriptions for every class," and "is it REALLY just $120?" To see their faces light up when I explained that one subscription for one fee will cover all of their Cengage courses was incredible!


I spoke to one student at Baylor who had purchased hard copies of all of his materials in the bookstore. When he learned about CU, he returned everything and signed up for a subscription. He estimated that he saved over $500 by going the CU route, and he was absolutely thrilled!


On a personal note, my son is starting his freshman year as a computing student next week. We priced out his books this week, hoping that all of his courses used Cengage of course! Unfortunately only one of his four classes is a Cengage course, but that text costs $180 so he is still saving $60 with a CU subscription. That makes me a very happy parent!


These are just a few CU success stories. Do you have any of your own to share? We would love to hear them! If you need help explaining CU to your students or have any questions at all, we are here to help! You can use this forum to ask questions anytime.


I guess I need to push Alamo Colleges District to switch over completely to Cengage products!  This could save my CE students a lot of money, especially when they take more than one certification course in a year.


@Stephen_J_Padilla absolutely! If there is anything we can do to help that "push" please don't hesitate to ask.


Yesterday in my department meeting I talked about Cengage Unlimited and urged my colleagues to consider Cengage texts for this very reason if they are not already. For just one of my courses it's a huge savings. My server book with Mind Tap code is $265. CU is a $155 just for that class! For of one of my advanced classes I tried to move it to Cengage, just no good options, so I am stuck with Pearson for now on that one. Fortunately for my Cisco classes the lab books are real cheap, only $60 to the student. For winter I am going to list the CU code only as my required book list for my Cengage based classes. 


One of my students bought a code for $88.50 in another class and then when prompted to buy a code in my class, it was only $31.49 for CU!!


That's so awesome! I didn't even realize they were giving that option (paying the difference automatically) until I was on campus last week. So happy to hear it worked for your student, too.


@MarkVerhoeven this is fantastic! Glad to hear you'll be able to save some of your students money!

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Cengage Unlimited is the best thing since sliced bread!  My students are so thrilled!  We have always had trouble with either the bookstore not having exactly what we needed or students unable to purchase all their textbooks because of cost.  Not a problem this semester!  In my program at Louisiana Delta Community College, we have moved all books but three to Cengage Unlimited.  With the 14 day trial access, students are engaged from day one and excited about class.  So refreshing!


@aagault this makes me so happy! It's so exciting to hear these stories and know we're making a difference for these students.


When I explained how CU worked many of my students started asking questions about other classes using it as well. I told them how they could use CU for any class that used Cengage textbooks. I saw a few jaws drop and a lot of silent "YES"es. I even told them that if they had a class using Cengage texts but the instructor did not have them using CU to let that instructor know to contact me and I would try and answer questions.


My personal "YES" was saving my grandson over $200 for just one class. His instructor did not have CU for their textbooks so I let him know he could get those two as etexts for only $120 with CU. He couldn't have been happier with the savings. And I think he's taking advantage of adding a few other texts to his account just because he wants to learn more about them.




@TerriGee yay! So wonderful that your grandson was able to benefit from CU, and I'm thrilled to hear that he's also looking at other books not required for his courses.