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Prompt Grading and Feedback using MindTap/SAM assignments


Students want and deserve prompt and meaningful feedback, but this can be a challenge when you have hundreds of student assignments to grade each week!  Why not think about changing some of your assignments to be auto graded or add comments/feedback to quizzes so it is more automated?  Using more publisher content that is already set up and ready to go is SUPER HELPFUL.  


Over the years, I've tried developing more efficient assignment grading strategies using rubrics, checklists or templates within my LMS and incorporating more group projects and peer feedback activities to help relieve grading stress.  But what has helped me above all else is using what is already provided in MindTap/SAM.  Whether for practice or grade, students get immediate feedback via SAM Study Guide or Graded Project Reports.  Your job as their instructor is to teach your students how to read and review these reports.  Teach them how to remediate and train so they can resubmit for a higher grade (if you give more than one chance).


I also create discussions in my LMS on the various topics so students can discuss errors and how to correct them.  You don't have to be the grader in order to get to know your students and teach them the course content; you get to know them and how they are doing by going over reports with them.  This allows for more robust teaching and learning!  And if there is something you cannot figure out, Cengage Support is just one click away.....