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Path to Employability - Request for Feedback


Hello, and Happy Monday!


All of us on the Computing team are dedicated to providing students with the skills they need for today's workforce. Aside from soft skills, research shows that Microsoft Office skills are most desired by employers. Student's often believe their skills are stronger than they actually are due to their constant use of mobile devices, apps, etc. This was one of the most common obstacles when I was instructing Intro Computing about you?


In our quest to inform students, instructors, and college administrators, we have put together a website that shares our research along with videos from students and our very own Corinne Hoisington. This is important information as campuses are beginning to cut these essential courses. We want to be sure we are communicating this information effectively in support of introductory computing courses, so we need your feedback! 


Please review the website through the link below and answer the following questions:

  • How would you use this website? Would you share with students, colleagues, administrators, and for what purpose?
  • Do you feel there is anything that could be added to the site to strengthen the message?
  • Is there anything on the site that is unnecessary or takes away from the message?
  • Is "The Path to Employabilty" a phrase that resonates? If not, what would you suggest?
  • Directly below Corinne's video, we offer the solution "Intro Computing is the answer." We are looking for a replacement for this phrase...any ideas?
  • What are the Introductory Computing courses called on your campus, and what topics are covered?


Please feel free to share this link with colleagues who may provide valuable feedback as well...or better yet, invite them to join us here in the community so they can join the conversation!


Thank you all in advance for your thoughtful feedback. I hope your summer is off to a fantastic start!



I Love this Website and have posted it in my Class announcements the past few semesters.  I've also shared it with my Dean and VP!  Student videos are powerful when they share what they thought they knew, but don't really know.


Could you say Office 365 is the answer? Computing Skills Matter?  Our courses are called Intro to Computers, Computer and Internet Literacy, Computer Applications (used to be office applications) if you think any of those titles would work better?


Summer?!?  I'm still in Spring 2!!  Smiley Wink


Just kidding.  I have been sharing this with the students, but we already have the MS Office courses early in the program, so I share it as a reinforcement.