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Office Apps in the Everyday World

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Not all of our students who enroll in the Computer Literacy class are pursuing a degree or career program. We often see people who take classes for their own growth and understanding. Therefore I try to bring in non-business uses for any of the Office apps - ones that they may relate to.
I am not the most organized person, so selling my home, moving to a new duplex, decorating and entertaining for the holidays, and final exams all coming at the same time seemed like a nightmare. Having moved before I learned that even labeling boxes with which room and a general idea of contents does not mean everything goes where it should or locating some much needed item is easy. And it can take years to completely unpack the boxes. This time, duct tape and Excel came to the rescue.
Each room in the new place had a color code. Red was downstairs bathroom, purple was the master bedroom, and so on. Doors or door frames had a strip of tape to identify it. Boxes were striped with the corresponding color along with a number. As I packed I used Excel to create a list of what each box contained. Worksheets for each room color contained what items were inside by box number. The movers just needed to match colors and not try to find or decipher writing on the boxes. There was no "Which is Bedroom 2?" questions.
When I needed to find the roaster, or shampoo, or a textbook, or Christmas cards I searched in Excel and quickly knew which box was holding my quest. While I am still unpacking I can easily find items stress free.
Do you have non-business uses for any of the Office apps? What are they?

Love it @TerriGee!  Yes, I show how I've maintained my Christmas Address list in Access  over the years and how I've kept track of the family budget in Excel. Showing students the relevance of assignments to their academic and professional lives goes a long way in motivating them to learn!

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Great ideas! 

One of the biggest challenges we face is getting the students to see how what is taught can be used to make them more productive. Like Sandy, I use Christmas card list to share in Access.