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Office 2019 and the Classroom




I was wondering if anyone plans on using MS Office 2019/365 next semester or fall 2019? If so, how are you getting your students ready? 


I know some students who have purchased laptops from the campus bookstore and Windows 10 is not the OS. 


I was curious to see what others are doing, thinking, or considering for implementation.


Any assistance would be appreciated!




Yes, we plan to move to Office 2019 books and SAM 2019 in the Fall of 2019. Our students are already using Office 365 so hopefully it will be an easy transition..:)

Valued Contributor

No, we are not migrating to Office 2019.  Are there features that are going to be used in industry our students need to know how to use? Typically, companies are not updating software that often, as it is to expensive and labor intensive. It doesn't make sense  from a monetary standpoint unless it is value added and gives them a good return on investment.


I am presently speaking at a US conference with executives from thousands of companies. We asked them today and 82% of the companies which are pretty representative of every industry in our country use Office 365 which automatically updates to all the new Office 2019 features already. So yes companies really are using great features like dictation in Office, Resume Assistant in Word, Quickstarter in PowerPoint and beyond.



Wow, 82%! That's fantastic. When I was at the Ignite conference last week I had the opportunity to chat with some Microsoft product people, and they have a big push to move companies to 365. It's great to hear that so many companies are taking advantage of these exciting new features!