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October SAM 2019 Release is now live!

Dear SAM Instructors, We are excited to announce that the SAM October 2019 release is now LIVE in all SAM platforms! With this release, you now have access to the following:
  • Platform Updates
  • Additional SAM Projects and Tasks for our Office 365 & Office 2019 content version

Please refer to the SAM Projects and Task Information documents on the SAM homepage for more information on the content that went live with this release, and the Latest Release Notes section of the homepage for platform updates. If you have any questions, please contact your Cengage Learning Consultant.


Please share some of the new features you are finding and how you are using them!  I noticed the instructor view when launching projects looks more like the student view and I'm finding some Mac/PC toggles I'd like to know more about!


I'm adding a few screenshots of some of the new changes I noticed.  


Instructor view when launching project:

10-22-2019 8-51-54 AM.png

PC or PC&MAC option  at the bottom left; notice the adjust weights link is gone:


10-21-2019 12-05-40 PM.png


Notice the Mac/PC toggle in the center of this window to see different instructions and start files:


10-21-2019 12-53-09 PM.png