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New Edition of Security+: Bundle Options


Hi Everyone!


For those of you who attended Mark Ciampa's webinar on the new Security+ exam, there were a lot of questions around bundle options. Sorry for the wait, but here are some of the bundle ISBNs that we talked about! I'm also attaching Dr. Ciampa's PowerPoint slides from the presentation. 


Bound Book & Lab Manual: 9781337952873


Looseleaf book & Lab Manual: 9781337952880


Bound Book, Lab Manual, MindTap Printed Access Card: 9781337952897


Looseleaf, Lab Manual, MindTap Printed Access Card: 9781337952903


Oh, how I wish I had been able to attend!  I'm at least going to have to request a review copy, since the Fifth Edition is the one we are currently using.  Obviously, it does my students little good when the exam itself changes if we have not updated our textbooks.


My preferred bundle and what I used this last winter for this was the loose leaf, lab manual, and Mind Tap code combination. Of course this no longer matters with Unlimited, now I will just list the unlimited code and require my students to get lab manual and book for a 7.99 rental each.