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National Distance Learning Week - Supporting Students with Technology in Your Courses


Happy National Distance Learning Week!


Is your college embracing National Distance Learning week?  We've had a whole week of some pretty cool training and I hope to share some bits and pieces with you.


With such a wide range of instructional technology and learning tools available to help increase student engagement, interaction and communication, it can be difficult to know exactly what to choose and the best approach for successful implementation in your courses. While the use of technology can transform and improve the online learning environment, in order to create positive and productive experiences for students, it is critical to begin by setting the stage for success. 


In this session, we learned some practical tips and best practices to ensure that both faculty and students achieve optimal benefits using technology in the classroom. More is NOT better. We discussed strategies to support our students and meet our learning goals, especially for students with disabilities.   Personally, I try to not add TOO much fluff or the students get lost  and don't do their assignments.  Is there something special or cool that you use in your classes?  Tomorrow I will learn about Learning Glass and Nearpod and can't wait to share!


If you get this message in time, you might want to join sessions tomorrow: