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Moving from SAM to MindTap


Are you a longtime SAM user who wants to move to SAM in MindTap, but a bit apprehensive to try something new?  Don't be afraid; you will be happy you made the change!!!  Let me share some of my notes about some of the wonderful features and if you want to discuss in more detail, please don't hesitate to message me!!



When thinking about moving from SAM to MT: 

  • It’s easy as 1 -2 -3!  It takes 2 - 3 clicks and 2 - 3 minutes to create your course!
  • Everything you love about SAM is in MT but easier to access/revise
  • Pre-built assignments and access to SAM Reports
  • Slick Learning Path – easy for students and instructors
    • Instructors – Easy setup/management
    • Students – Cleaner/clearer experience/learning path
  • Both can be deep-linked easily in your LMS
  • Admin rights – creating/copying sections, adding instructors, enrolling students, semester begin/end dates
  • Add/Arrange/Reorder/Revise (edit, rename) assignments
  • Module level Reading with ability to share notes, highlights, flashcards
  • Study Hub to aggregate bookmarks, notes, highlights
  • Robust Progress App/Gradebook; assign late penalty
  • Accommodations and extending dates (globally, by assignment or by individual)
  • Easily edit SAM assignment settings from MT learning path
  • Batch edit SAM dates in MT learning path
  • Batch hide assignments, change to practice, etc in MT learning path
  • Creating/removing sections via Cengage Dashboard

Make the switch NOW; you will be glad you did!  Have a wonderful Fall Semester.