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Moving courses online


COVID is really disrupting my classes!  Be assured that Cengage is working to help you get through this!


They are opening up access to Cengage Unlimited to any school affected by campus closures. This site will be updated with resources as they become available to help with the transition: 


You might want to check out the video from Shawn Orr's webinar Friday for some great online teaching suggestions.  And here is a Continuity of Instruction Quick Reference Guide created by my college (with emphasis on Canvas).  Good luck and let us know how we can help!


Planning for Remote Instruction
Available Tools
  • Establish a mode of communication.
  • Ensure all students have access to and are aware
  • of your communication method.
  • Holding virtual office hours.
  • Create FAQ information page

Canvas: Announcements

Canvas: Inbox

Zoom: Tutorials

Canvas: Discussion Board

  • Consider how to deliver your lecture content for students to watch remotely.
    • Record short videos using Panopto (Asynchronous)
    • Conduct class meetings using Zoom (Synchronous)
  • Chose a way to organize lecture material.

Zoom: Tutorial

Panopto: Tutorial

PowerPoint: Recording Narrations

Canvas: Modules

  • Make your syllabus available digitally.
  • Decide how you will distribute documents and readings.

Canvas: Pages

Canvas: Link Files on Pages

Canvas: Upload Files

  • Designate a centralized place to collect student submissions.
  • Consider how you would conduct class discussions.
    • Zoom (Synchronous) 
    • Discussion Board (Asynchronous)
  • Consider how your methods for evaluating student learning can be conducted online.
  • Settle on an option for providing students with grades and feedback on their work. 

Canvas: Assignments

Canvas: Discussions

Zoom: Tutorials 

Canvas: Gradebook

Canvas: Speedgrader

Canvas: Quizzes




Cengage is conducting MANY webinars over the next few weeks so check out the COVID site for information on joining those or taking advantage of FP office hours for help getting your computing courses set up!