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Moving Our Students Forward


When attempting to motivate my students to consider their post A+ certification paths, I often use the CompTIA Career Roadmap. I print copies of the PDF and give it to each of them. I show them the various possible paths and speak with them about how I myself have progressed, and how I have jumped from one path to another in the past (especially the big leap to the Training track).

I also talk with them about post-secondary education outside of certifications. I use the "How to Become an IT Giant" poster to show them that it's not all about the certs and it's not all about the degrees, but that we have to balance our education and certifications if we are looking to progress up to a higher level.

What strategies do you use when sharing career progression strategies with your students?


Thanks for sharing. My son, a graduate in Math from UNCC, is looking at grad schools and certificates. I am encouraging both! What better way could there be to show versatility? Next week my Intro to Computing students are going to take an IC3 GS5 exam just to experience what a certification test is like. Even my non-technology majors are interested in what certifications can do for them. Luckily we have funding to provide free access to some certifications. I hope to move them through all three IC3 GS5 exams so they can see what they do and do not know.




I'd love to hear about the funding you have to administer those exams in class or elsewhere on campus!