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MindTap Best Practices & Tips: Intro Computing


Any Intro Computing MindTap users here? We have a slew on training videos on our website ( but I wanted to go ahead and share some computing-specific ones here! 


Let us know if these are helpful - trying something new Smiley Happy


You might recognize the friendly voice in these videos! It's @Sandy_Keeter


• Creating Your MindTap Course 
YouTube Link: 

• How to Hide & Edit Content in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 

• Customizing the MindTap Reader 
YouTube Link: 

• The StudyHub App in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 

• Best Practices for MindTap with SAM 

• Adding a SAM Training in MindTap 
YouTube link: 

• Adding a SAM Exam in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 

• Grading Tips with SAM in MindTap 

• SAM Projects in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 

• SAM Reports in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 

• SAM Analytics and Gradebook in MindTap 
YouTube Link: 



See how you and your students can create a customized study guide for your course.
Best Practices for creating and assigning a SAM training in MindTap.
How to create your MindTap Course on
Best practices for assigning SAM projects in MindTap.
Learn to customize your MindTap Course to match your syllabus.
How to use the SAM reports in MindTap.
Add your own content and notes in the MindTap Reader!
Learn more about grading functionality with SAM in MindTap
Best practices for creating and assigning a SAM exam in MindTap.
Learn how the SAM analytics and gradebook in MindTap can help you keep a pulse on your students Microsoft Office skills