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MindTap Best Practices & Tips: IT, Networking, Security, Programming & Web Development


Any MindTap users for IT, Networking, Security, Programming, Computer Science, or Web Development?

We have brand new training videos on our training site for these MindTaps -- see attached! But I also wanted to share these from YouTube. 


Are these helpful? Let me know! I'd love the feedback to see what is the most useful to you. 


Computer Science/Programming/Web Development

• How to Use the Programming IDE 
YouTube Link: 

• How to Use the Web Development Coding IDE 
YouTube Link: 

• How Does the IDE Grading Work? 
YouTube Link: 

• MindTap Best Practices & Training Website 
YOUTUBE link: 


• How to Assign Pre & Post Course Assessments 
YouTube Link: 

• How to Create a Mock Certification Exam 
YouTube Link: 

• Finding Assignments in the Date Manager View 
YouTube Link: 

• About our Labs: MindTap for IT, Networking and Security 
YouTube Link: 

• How to use the Lab Simulations 
YouTube Link: 

• How to use the Live Virtual Machine Labs 
YouTube Link:

See how the IDE in MindTap automatically grades students code and provides point-of-need feedback.
Best Practices for using the Lab Simulations in MindTap.
Best Practices on how to use the Coding IDE in MindTap
Learn about our different Lab activities for MindTap for IT, Networking and Security.
Best Practices on how to use the Coding IDE for Web Development in MindTap
Prove outcomes in your course by assigning the Pre & Post Course Assessments in MindTap
How to easily find and manage assignments in MindTap
Learn best practices for assigning MindTap and making the most out of your course
Use the InQuizitive Assessment App in MindTap to create mock certification exams based on CompTIA or EC Council exam domains and objectives.
Best Practices for Using the Live Virtual Machine Labs in MindTap
New Member

Does anyone know if there is a way to add my own assignment to the Programming IDE so students can test it in that environment?  I could grade it myself.  Alternatively, is there a way to edit or customize an existing assignment, say to remove some of the code that's provided?  Thanks for any ideas along those lines!


Hi! @mjferner


We currently have lab customization for the IDE in MindTap in development and we will begin to Beta Test this fall! What MindTap are you currently using? What institution are you with? Are you interested in being involved in the Beta Testing?

Valued Contributor

I was a programmer/analyst in industry for 18 years. If you need someone to test and break things, I volunteer! I like doing things like that.


Sorry for the late reply @eshepard!! I've had a crazy week. Send me an email when you can a chance so I can forward it along to our product development team!


Hi Cassie! My co-worker, Angie Rudd, who you have responded to in another forum, is still frustrated with Mindtap and the feedback it gives for finding errors in HTML code. I haven't used this product. Is there someone who can work with her? She says it is very difficult to find errors and that the message pane is not understandable for her or the students.


Hi Kelly!


I did reply to Angie about a future training webinar we are going to hold for people who are struggling with these complex labs! will you send her my email address? Or give me hers so I can reply to her directly rather than through the Community? My email is I'll email you too just in case you don't get this right away!