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Mid-Semester Feedback using MindTap Progress App and SAM Reports


Happy Mid-Semester!  Are your students slowing down as the holidays are approaching (can you believe Christmas decorations are already being sold in stores?!)? Mid-semester feedback can go both ways to assess  your progress and your student's progress.  


Collecting course feedback in the middle of the semester is a good way of gauging students' learning and to make adjustments in your course while there is still time for it to be beneficial.  By the same token, giving course feedback by letting your students know where they stand in your class and giving them kudos for their performance or suggestions for improvement could make a big difference in their motivation and in your course completion rates.


We have embedded a tool in our classes called Starfish to help give performance feedback to our students, but you can also do this with a quick message via your LMS or college email.  It doesn't have to be lengthy (because students may not read it), but it should be short and sweet and to the point.  Making it more positive than negative will go a long way!


Using the MIndTap Progress App and SAM Reports works well for determining how your class is doing as a whole and how students are doing individually.  You get a much better view at what is going on, versus simply looking at their class percentage (although that is a great start). 


Drilling down on class averages to see where your students all got stumped or just filtering on one student's individual scores allows you to clearly see where the issues might be and then make changes to your course as needed to ensure your student's success.


Look at how my students are doing so far! 

10-14-2019 12-53-11 PM.png

But when I look at this next chart, I can clearly see 3 students that are not doing well at the bottom, some that have low engagement and others excelling.

10-14-2019 12-58-56 PM.png


The Home tab of the Progress App shows submitted assignment scores and the class average which is a good indication of where students struggled as a whole and clicking on the Grade book tab will allow you to drill down on your low performing students to see exactly what assignment is missing or where they had difficulty.


After seeing which assignments the class did poorly on as a whole, I open the SAM App and start digging through some of my favorite reports..:)!  The Frequency Analysis report will give you a breakdown of tasks and which ones were answered successfully and average time on task and the Section Results by Exam (or section) will give you an idea about how long students are spending on an assignment and if they are submitting more than once (if allowed, which we do to help our students correct mistakes and be more successful).

10-14-2019 1-12-58 PM.png


 10-14-2019 1-11-50 PM.png


 There are many more reports where these came from, so check them all out to see what works best for you! What kind of mid-semester feedback do you give your students and what tools/reports do you use?  Do you have a sample of a feedback form your students fill out on you?  Please share!  


For help on creating a mid-semester feedback form for your students to rate you, check with your faculty center or institutional research departments for something formal OR create your own!