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Microsoft Resume Helper for Word


Microsoft recently released a resume helper for 365 subscribers. While Word already has dozens of templates and guides for formatting, this new tool helps with content by searching LinkedIn profiles that are outstanding examples of experience and skill for a targeted job. Students and job seekers can create a competitive resume using this tool to customize their resume content.


You can read the details here:


As someone who used to teach students how to create resumes, from formatting to content, as well as being a former business owner who reveiwed resumes for hiring purposes, I think this is a huge value add for Microsoft. Job seekers and students of all ages and backgrounds seemed to struggle with this skill. Our primary goal is to prepare students for the workforce, but they need to be able to enter the workforce first! Often the very first impression is the resume so it's an important skill to master.


Do any of you plan to use this new tool in your courses? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


I'm going to hop on this like a frog on a junebug!


I will NOW!  Just posted this in Class Announcements.  Thanks for sharing..:)