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Microsoft Office: The Language of the Working World


A new academic year brings new tools and new opportunities for learning. This year is certainly no exception.  As Microsoft was announcing the long-anticipated, last perpetual release and their plans for Office 365/2019, our Development Team was hard at work building the content to support your course, your students and, most importantly, the collective contribution to the working world.  At Cengage, we consider it a privilege to be the market leader in Office Applications education with a long history of innovation. To continue our reputation of curated, relevant content, we partnered with employers and data analytics firms like Burning Glass to bring a measured approach to our development process as we prepare to release our best content yet for your classroom. In doing so, we collaboratively developed the content that brings relevance to your student's learning environment. We made every decision based on the value that real understanding is built within a meaningful context that resonates with the learner. Ultimately, we sought out a path for the learner to make connections beyond the modules, and apply them to their courses, their lives and their professional careers. Office Applications are the language of the working world, and we look forward to all of the great things we can do together.


A sneak peak at what you can expect from our 2019 Office release?


  • Opportunity to further supplement our student’s learning opportunities through CENGAGE UNLIMITED
  • Content flexibility and agility to address the dynamic and revolving curricula your course serves
  • Enhanced UX design updates to our SAM Trainings, Exams and Projects
  • Relevant, real-world applicability of skills learned through better opportunities for hands-on practice
  • Expanded breadth of content through the comprehensive levels

Get ready!

~The Cengage Computing Team


I have heard Generation Z referred to as "digital natives."  This means they are good at YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.  Sadly, it means nothing in the arena of office productivity or any other truly meaningful uses of information technology.  We will always need these sorts of classes, although I strongly believe they should be part of the core curricula at the middle school level (Word & PowerPoint in English, Excel in Math).