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Microsoft Ignite Conference and Office 2019


If you read my blog post last Tuesday, you know that I had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Ignite conference last week. This was a HUGE event like nothing I’ve ever seen before (see pictures below). Aside from the announcement of the Office 2019 release, we also learned that this will not be the last perpetual release as we had previously believed. I was also able to view a demo of some of the fun new features like the LinkedIn Resume builder and dictation. Exciting stuff!


We also had a fantastic presentation on Office 2019 from our own @ProfessorCorinne last week. I know many of you are looking forward to viewing the recording, and it should be posted within the next few days. In the meantime, what burning questions do you have about Office 2019? Are there any features or information you need clarity on? Did you have any questions following Corinne's webinar that you'd like to have answered? Post them in the comments here!