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MIcrosoft Office 2019


Hello Everyone! 


Long time reader, first time poster. I ran across this article this morning about Office 2019 and thought I would share it.


Microsoft Office 2019 release will force IT to migrate to Windows 10





@Tiffani Hi! 


I just read this article - thank you for sharing!  Do you think it's a good thing? On my personal PC, I subscribe to O365 and I personally love the auto updates because it makes me feel like I don't have to worry about anything. But I could imagine an IT department at a big organization or institution wanting more control.




From an Enterprise standpoint, no. There are many companies that use older versions of Windows for various reasons. In my area, there are many factories that still use Windows XP because it is too expensive to upgrade their customized factory-wide system software to meet the requirements for newer versions of Windows. It will be interesting to see the outcome.


I wonder if this will be the final push that gets the US Government to switch to Linux-based systems.