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Look what's happening in Taiwan!


My son, Charles, is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. He called this morning to tell me they just had another earthquake! Not something I want to hear! But as I was looking up the news about the earthquake, I found something interesting. Here is the link


7 Eleven is getting an unmanned store in its corporate headquarters! The future is here! Very cool way to get service. This is something to show students.

Valued Contributor

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting article, Amazon, has something similar.


But Wheelys is one of the first startups to get in on the action, and the company’s Shanghai location isn’t the first unmanned store it launched. Early last year, it debuted a cashier-free shop in a small town in Sweden.

With offices in Sweden and Shanghai, Wheelys is able to test in different retail environments — whether it’s a rural area where the nearest store is a 20-minute drive away or a location in a densely populated city.


Here is a link for the Wheelys store in Shanghai that is also unmaned


Thanks for sharing! Did you all watch SpaceX Launch/  A Tesla in space, how cool is that?!??!