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Live Virtual Machine Lab Training Resources for IT, Networking, Security



Thanks to all of you who attended our Live Virtual Machine Lab and MindTap training today. I am attaching the PowerPoint from today's session for your reference, but I also want to share a variety of resources. 


The Cengage Training site ( contains videos as well as user guides from students and instructors, but this post will serve as your handy-dandy one-stop-shop just for IT, Networking and Security. 


As always, please reach out to us with any questions or if you have additional MindTap training needs!


You can find the training videos from our training site right in MindTap. Here are the links for easy reference:


The MindTap Computing Course:

What’s in a MindTap Unit:

Intro to Live Virtual Machine Labs:

Exploring the Live Virtual Machine Interface:

Clipboard Functionality & Lab Completion:

The MindTap Reader:


Additional Resources:
• How to Assign Pre & Post Course Assessments 
YouTube Link: 

• How to Create a Mock Certification Exam 
YouTube Link: 

• Finding Assignments in the Date Manager View 
YouTube Link: 

• About our Labs: MindTap for IT, Networking and Security 
YouTube Link: 

• How to use the Lab Simulations 
YouTube Link: 

• How to use the Live Virtual Machine Labs 
YouTube Link:


• How to use the live virtual machine lab gradebook report 
YouTube Link:


• MindTap Best Practices & Training Website 
YouTube link: 

Best Practices for using the Lab Simulations in MindTap.
Learn about our different Lab activities for MindTap for IT, Networking and Security.
Prove outcomes in your course by assigning the Pre & Post Course Assessments in MindTap
How to easily find and manage assignments in MindTap
Learn best practices for assigning MindTap and making the most out of your course
Use the InQuizitive Assessment App in MindTap to create mock certification exams based on CompTIA or EC Council exam domains and objectives.
Best Practices for Using the Live Virtual Machine Labs in MindTap