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Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine - Or At Least Relaxer


Most of us have too much on our plates at any given time. One way to help students relax at the start of every class is to have someone tell a joke. I have found Dad jokes, the ones that make eyes roll, are actually the best. At first a lot of students are hesitant to speak to a classroom of people they don't know, but within the first three classes (and as many bad puns) they are more willing to share. Do you do anything to get your classes ready to learn? 


Although this is NOT funny, many of my computing students find these facts interesting so I like to start with this video to get them ready to learn technology (after brief introductions and icebreakers of course..:)



Very nice, Sandy! So many of our students are working adults with families, they have a lot on their minds. I learned that laughter is a great stress reliever (maybe that's why I laugh so much?) so I thought to use it at the start of each class. Your video also gets theirs minds clearer and ready to learn. Thanks for sharing!