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June/July SAM and MindTap content releases and what's coming?!


At this point, you should have everything you need to build your Fall courses.  Some more advanced content will be coming in the Fall releases, but hopefully that will not impact your courses from getting started. It's like Christmas every month!!!


As a re-cap, the June SAM Content Release gave us 

  • MS Office Applications (Word/Excel/PPT/Access)-- Projects and Tasks through Comprehensive Level (~90%).
  • Technology for Success (Modules 7-12 Activities) and NEW Critical Thinking Challenges
  • Outlook Modules 1-5, Windows Modules 1-6, Publisher Modules 1-3

In mid July, we saw more from MindTap and more print titles available.

  • MindTap Collections with all SAM content from June release 
  • New Progress App HOME Tab

In August (SAM) and September (MindTap), be on the lookout for First Release of New Projects for Advanced Content. and in October (SAM) and November (MindTap) watch out for Advanced Mirror, Advanced Capstone Projects!


I've been combing through the new PROJECTS and LOVE them! Kudos to the development team for creating such Rich, Challenging, Business Related Projects for our students.  This will make them even more ready to hit the ground running upon graduation..:).  What do you think of the new 2019 content?!


I forgot to mention some of these links that you might also find helpful!


And from the SAM Homepage you will find these links with helpful info: