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Info on our July 2019 content release


Our July release is fast approaching! With many of you teaching courses this summer, and/or preparing for fall, we wanted to share how this release will work.


If you have built a preliminary course in the 2019 Collections, you currently have a “snapshot” of what the final Collections MindTap Learning Path will be.  The July release is considered a “retrofit” to that already live content.  While some new content that releases to SAM and MindTap in July will be automatically hidden and will need to be unhidden, some will be automatically visible.  We don't want this to cause a disruption in your courses, so please be aware and hide any content that appears that you don't want visible to your students.


July 15 will see ALL Training, exams and projects ready to go with a few exceptions, as some advanced level projects will release in early/mid fall. This SHOULD NOT affect any courses, as any advanced content wouldn’t be used until late in the semester.


If you have any questions at all about the upcoming release, be sure to contact your Learning Consultant!