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IT Club on your campus?


Community participation is important for most people to feel a sense of belonging.  This is especially important to many of our first time in college students. Our reasons for creating an IT club are two-fold: to help support our students and to increase our enrollment/retention.


Do you have an IT club on our campus or in your Department?  Is it very active?  I'd love to know how often you meet and what kinds of activities your students are involved in?  Please SHARE!  We try to let the students run the show with a bit of guidance from faculty. 


In the last year, we've brought in guest speakers from the community, gone on field trips to IT businesses, conducted workshops for young children to get them excited about IT and manned booths at campus events.


We're working on a Hot New Technology Community Event, App-a-thon and Hour of Code for this semester and next and will let you know how it goes!


For more info on the importance of college clubs, visit this site:





Sandy: the "appathon" sounds like fun. Do you have students working on mobile apps? What tools/languages do they use to build apps?

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We have had an IT Club on our campus for several years now. We have been fortunate that our adjunct faculty work in the field and have brought in colleagues to speak on a variety of topics, such as ethical hacking. These are open to not only club members and students in our department but open to anyone. We hold a PC Hygiene Day each semester, where people can bring in their laptops and club members optimize performance and do virus checks and cleanups. The students work one-on-one with the client and explain what they are doing and why. The club has also sponsored students to attend ShowMeCon, an annual Security & Hacking conference held in St. Louis.



I love it @TerriGee ! Thanks for sharing..:)


Sorry for replying so late, but you can understand how swamped we have been. We have 2 clubs in our department. ITP (Information Technology Professionals) is open to all 9 IT majors. They hold information sessions by bringing in industry professionals, work events on different campuses to promote diversity in IT, help with our PC clinic (open to the public for computer repair) and sets up/goes on field trips throughout the state.


Our second club is Cyber Geeks, which is open to our Systems Security and Cyber Security majors. This club is active within our Cyber Advisory Board, works our CAE sponsored events, goes on field trips and sets up information sessions with our business partners to bring cyber awareness to the school and the surrounding community.