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I Was Right - Alexa is Sexist


My wife first noticed it: she has to repeat herself more often than I do when we talk to Alexa. I found this article on the topic. In the article, the CEO of an AI company attributes this "bias" to the fact that female voices have more variance in pitch than do male voices. I don't know if I buy that explanation. Has anyone here noticed this about Alexa?


Not at my house. My husband tries to talk to her like she is a real person, he throws a bunch of words out, corrects himself and then has to start all over when Alexa does not understand. I am trained in computer programming so I guess I still think of Alexa as a computer more than a person, or a verbal google!


Interesting @pvannutt My brother-in-law, who's worked for IBM for many years, changed the name of Alexa to simply, "computer". Maybe that's one way to avoid the sexism and the tendency to anthropomorphize the device.


By the way, here's more on Alexa and gender equality.