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How is CARE going for you?


We closed out the exam yesterday for our Full Term Students and are excited to see the results!  If needed, we can administer to our 12 week and B term students as well..:)! No ISSUES adminstering it; everything went smoothly and we have a wide range of scores!


Sandy - I'm so curious to hear how students have been responding? Any quotes or student reactions you can share? Are they surprised by what they don't know? Do they seem more invested in the course? How do you think this might help your cause throughout the semester?


Here are some comments:


I can honestly say i thought i had a little more knowledge then i do. However, I am confident this course will help me increase my abilities in this area. Krystal M


I agree, I felt the same way thinking I knew a little more than I do.  Some of it doesn't pertain to my career path, but still the learning will be interesting! Nancy N


I really do not know these office applications very well. I pretty good with Word, but don't know anything about the other ones. Peter V


It was harder than I anticipated and I thought I knew more for sure.  There is more than one way to complete a task and it seems the test only wanted the answer a certain way.   Traci M


Since I had no prior training on any of the Computer Applications, only learning through "trial and error" on the job, I was not surprised at the grade I received. I expected a little above average, so there was no surprise in the grade I received. I am very excited to learn the ins and outs of all the applications because it will alleviate some of the technical issues at work.  Jaime D




Hi Sandy,


Thank you for participating!  I'm curious, which questions in the CARE intake exam did Nancy feel would not pertain to her career path?


Thank you for starting this forum!  I encourage all to comment - whether you participated or not.  


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Nancy is a business major so I have no idea what app wouldn't pertain to her?!


I'm glad you've got some data.  I'm saddened that my institution moved so slowly; in fact, I still do not have an answer after all this time.


 Hi Stephen,


Thank you for wanting to participate and driving forward - even though you missed out on the time frame.  We will let you know how it is coming!


My students finished the CARE testing as well. When I looked at the CARE assessment I must admit thinking, this is very basic. Students in my opinion would probably know most of this coming into my course. I consider sending an attachment, saving a file, and renaming a folder middle school skills, but clearly I was wrong. My average at this point in  my two classes (a hybrid and an online class) is a 45%. Now first consider that we only want students in a HYBRID or an ONLINE technology class if they consider themselves quite tech savvy to start with, but clearly if this is the best of the bunch, OUCH! I do not teach the two day a week traditional course, but clearly their scores would have been worse.


Thank you for this comment, @ProfessorCorinne !  This is what I am finding too as I am seeing results come in.  I'm so all about using this research to rattle the nation.  These ARE basic skills with the large majority of them not occupational specific.  Changing this misconception is a BIG deal!  Thank you for being onboard and testing your classes.




It looks like my average is about 50% in online/oncampus classes.


Hi Sandy! Several of us administered the CARE Intake exam this semester. Some will use it next week in late start classes. I only have one class this semester and it is seated. My average was 39%. No one scored above 67%. My students were amazed at what they did not know. It has been eye opening and encouraging for them.


Thanks for participating Kelly!