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Gamification Renewed!


I attended a presentation on this recently and it renewed my interest in trying to find new ways to make class more exciting.  I'd LOVE to hear how some of you may spruce up your computing classes.  I had a finance teacher once who gave fake dollars instead of points in class.  It made it kind of fun because I could choose a variety of assignments in order to earn my $90 minimum to get an A.  Harder assignments had a higher point value so you either picked a bunch of easy assignments or a few hard ones or a mix.  A programming instructor had a wheel of fortune game we played in class to review material.  Games don't have to be high tech to bring a little fun and competition into the classroom. 


Gamification is basically a strategy to keep students motivated. Games with rewards, and recognition as they progress through the course keeps students more involved and engaged.  I'm attaching a copy of Nancy Kaplan-Biegel's presentation for your viewing pleasure: It's All Fun and Games: Gamification in the Community College Classroom, but you might also check out  some of these other links for ideas and pleases SHARE some of your own! 


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I like your statement about games not needing to be high-tech. I have used a Jeopardy game for a few (or more) years in my Computer Literacy classes to help review for module exams. I announce the categories ahead of time and ask students to submit a question that fits into those categories. I have my own complete set of questions, but I select at least on student question for each category. They get one 'point' for their submitted questions, which is added to their team's total. The class is divided randomly into three groups. When we play only one answer is allowed per team for each question, so they tend to not ring in too quickly. Food seems to be a motivating factor to this day, so the winning team gets first choice at the snacks, second place second choice, and the last place team gets the remaining treats.


Fun @TerriGee !