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Flow? Planner? Help! I'm Overwhelmed by Office 365 Apps!


What Microsoft Office 365 Apps do you use the most?


I definitely use Outlook the most, but I think my second most-used app is Microsoft Planner! I manage a lot of meetings here at Cengage, so Planner provides an awesome space to organize every meeting series, and their agendas. Each plan syncs to its own OneNote, for easy access to each meeting’s notes. And only those to whom you provide access, are able to see your plan.



Planner has way more capabilities than this – does anyone else use planner? Do you have any tips & tricks?
That’s one thing I really struggle with, actually – Microsoft has all of these awesome Apps for work productivity, that sometimes I’m overwhelmed. Do you ever feel this way, too?


I just received an email about Microsoft Flow. It seems this app will help me streamline the workflow between all of my apps. Has anyone tried Flow?


I haven't tried Flow yet.  It looks like it does exactly what IFTTT and Zapier do - automate tasks.  I use IFTTT to automatically send me popular articles from, say, the New York Times.  It looks like I could use Flow to do the same thing. At this point I don't see an advantage to Flow over IFTTT.  Does anyone else?


I have not tried Planner or Flow. I will have to view and try MS Planner. 


Planner is pretty cool!! Especially for organizing tasks, and posting important documents to each task that you may need. It also links out to OneNote, which is nice. But there is definitely even more functionality to it that I have yet to try. I could see Planner being used in a classroom setting with students who are working on group Projects.