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Fall is over, Grades are in, SAM updates, What's next?


The holidays of course, but then getting ready for spring is next on my calendar!  But first, let me share this link for tips on wrapping up a course that I found helpful in reflecting on this past semester and gave me ideas for next semester: 


  • Catching up, reflections, and new directions.
  • Class presentations: puff or powerful? 
  • Motivate students to keep a portfolio.
  • Plan a celebratory event with a take-home message.
  • Suggest readings and resources for the future.

Next, I see a SAM update on the horizon; after the release I will look for notes to share on what those updates entailed: 


We are excited to announce that the SAM 2019 December release will occur on Friday, December 20th from 10:00pm-2:00am EST.  Thank you, The SAM Team


I hope your holidays are wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating.  Talk to you next year!