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Duplicated Tasks Removed from SAM 2019 Training and Exams


Thank you for your input on SAM 2019 throughout the fall!   We’ve heard your feedback and have made the following enhancements to the Tasks associated to the Shelly Cashman, New Perspectives, and Illustrated Collections for Office 2019/365.



  • As of SAM’s December 20 release, duplicate SAM Tasks (especially those in more advanced chapters) have been removed from the modules in our 2019 Collections.


  • Your Training and Exam assignments will be both briefer and more closely-aligned to the chapter content.


  • These changes have already gone into effect in traditional SAM and LMS Integrated SAM, but will update at the end of January in MindTap SAM/SAM App (estimated date: January 20th).


How does this affect you?


  • Existing SAM Exam submissions and In Progress SAM Exam takes that were created using the book and chapter selection upon SAM Exam creation will reflect the number of tasks in the assignment before SAM’s December 20 release.
  • New SAM Exam submissions  and all SAM Exams created after December 20 will reflect the new number of Tasks associated to that book and chapter combination.
  • If you have created your own SAM Training or Exam using Show All SAM Tasks  your assignment was not modified.


No SAM 2019 Tasks were permanently deleted – they have only been removed from the default selections available on Exam creation.  If you would like to customize your SAM Exams or have any questions, please reach out to your Cengage Account Executive for a hand!




Thanks for these details Jill!


Thanks for the update!

Joan Shriver

Valued Contributor

Thanks for the update. I've shared this information with the other Office instructors on campus.