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Do you CARE????


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Cengage DOES so that's why they've started this campaign: Computing Analytics & Research in Education (CARE)!


Intro Computing enrollment has declined in the last few years and appears to be driven by administrator decisions to remove the course as mandatory for students.  This is due to a misplaced perception that these courses are becoming less relevant due to familiarity of students with technology and computers. The majority of millennials say they sleep with their smartphone, but more than half of them have poor critical thinking and problem solving skills involving technology!


"Simply being able to use a smartphone or Facebook isn’t enough. To be successful in a global economy, our students must become fluent in the technologies that are revolutionizing our lives and our work, and how best to use them to innovate." - Change the Equation


Seminole State students were involved in CARE last semester and many were surprised at how little they knew.  Although our results were discouraging (44.5% SSC average on the exam), students were ENCOURAGED to work harder, learn the material and do well in the class, so my completion rate was better than usual!


Anyone can join this campaign, not just computing instructors.  My colleagues in English, History, Psychology, etc. are seeing the same thing; students are not proficient in Microsoft Office and Basic Computer Concepts.  They need Intro Computing to be successful in college and after graduation!


PLEASE join us in fighting for Intro Computing courses; posted the attached CARE Infographic around campus to get others excited about this and Register for CARE today





Thank you for posting - it is awesome that you are participating in this research again for your students!  They need our help so that they are prepared for the workforce.  The bigger the proof in numbers, the bigger the voice for the students.




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