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Digital Life and the Parkland Shooting


My lesson yesterday was on Digital Life and as we did our weekly search for news on the topic, this showed up, so we had a lot of discussion on the Parkland shooting...
Digital Life
NPR's stories on information technology, computing, and the internet.
Should The Parkland Shooting Change How We Think About Phones, Schools and Safety?
Security experts say allowing students to have their phones with them during the school day is unlikely to make anyone safer. Maybe even the opposite.


I actually listened to that segment when it aired.  It's quite a wake-up call, isn't it? 


I've seen it used as a plot device in movies and TV shows, where a character's hiding spot is revealed by an untimely sounding of their mobile phone.  In real life, I have seen people severely distracted by their personal tech to the point that they are missing important things happening around them.  Not so long ago, we all heard the stories about people getting injured, and sometimes killed, by chasing Pokemon Go virtual prizes in the real world.