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CompTIA Plus Conference (formerly known as CompTIA IT Pro Day)


For those of us who have CompTIA certifications, the CompTIA Plus Conference is coming on December 6th.  We can earn CEUs toward A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, CSA+, and CASP certifications.


Furthermore, if we have students who are planning to get certifications, this would be a good opportunity to show them the things we do for professional development to maintain our certs.



Are students allowed to attend as well? Are attending conferences like this your main source of continuing ed credits? 


The target audience is certified IT professionals, which often includes us as instructors.  In fact, I am required to maintain a minimum of CompTIA A+ certification and "highly encouraged" to hold several others as well.


This conferences is free and open to all, as far as I know.  I am planning to air parts of it during my classroom time, as long as the students are caught up enough on their primary work.  I want them to see one of the ways we earn CEUs.


Sadly, there is a cap on the number of CEUs that can be earned by conference attendance, so this is not my main source.  My main source will be taking formal CEU classes, but doing free conferences lets me knock some of them out of the way.


BTW, there are deeply discounted student memberships in AITP, which also holds conferences like this.