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CompTIA Instructor Network


I do realize that not everybody in this forum is teaching courses that lead toward CompTIA certifications, but if you are one of those of us who are then I highly recommend joining the CompTIA Instructor Network for free. 


Among the many benefits you will find advanced information about new exams.  They have a series called Train the Trainer where you will be able to get training from CompTIA professionals to prepare you to teach the latest material as new exams are released and old ones are retired.


"CompTIA Instructor Network


"The CompTIA Instructor Network (CIN) is a worldwide community for instructors who provide CompTIA certification training. Join hundreds of other instructors to collaborate, share best practices and receive valuable resources from CompTIA.


"Exchange Ideas


"Teaching CompTIA certification courses is not just critical to your ability to help students succeed, but also to your ability to showcase yourself as a qualified trainer. That’s why we’ve created the CIN as an easy way for instructors to access CompTIA resources and share their expertise with others.


"As part of the CIN, you can:

  • Communicate and collaborate with CompTIA staff and other instructors.
  • Share best practices and resources with each other.
  • Receive free training and tools from CompTIA to enrich your classroom.
  • Access resources for students to understand the value of getting certified.
  • Become proficient at teaching CompTIA standards.

"Who can participate


"The network is for instructors around the world who actively deliver or intend to deliver training on CompTIA certification courses.


"The instructors might be self-employed or working for:

  • High schools, colleges, universities
  • Professional training centers
  • Corporations
  • Government agencies
  • CompTIA Authorized Content Partner"