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Coming soon to SAM!



Explore all the changes in store for SAM 


We’ve got exciting news to share! Starting on March 31st, your SAM platform will include some pretty awesome new features designed to elevate your teaching experience.  


These robust enhancements include: 




  • Continued updates to the SAM Instructor Dashboard, including new widgets to bring you critical course and student information more easily, including Grade Period widget for LMS Integrated SAM
  • New scheduling option for a time limit on projects
  • Students can now view reports for SAM 2016 Exams and SAM 2013 and 2016 Projects after they submit the assignment.
  • For LMS Integrated SAM, a link directly to student reports can now be linked in your LMS


Keyboarding in SAM


  • Keyboarding in SAM is now available with LMS Integration


We believe these changes will further fuel your A game!  


We’re also fueling access to course materials with Cengage Unlimited. This first-of-its-kind digital subscription service gives students access to all the digital titles we’ve got—in one place, for one price. 


We want to hear from YOU! Please comment with any questions or feedback you may have.




I'm wondering if this should say Grace period, instead of Grade Period?  Or maybe it IS something about grades?

"Grade Period widget for LMS Integrated SAM"


And it looks like Reports will be available right after submission (perhaps a message prompting students to click "here"" for report?) vs going to reports and looking for it?  GUESS I'll just have to wait and SEE..Smiley Happy!  


Love the LMS report link and project time options1


It's like Christmas all over again, thanks Cengage!



@Sandy_Keeter yes, it absolutely should say "Grace Period." Thanks for catching that!