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CCE Virtual Session Follow Up: Supplementing Online & Blended Learning


Hi Everyone! 


We received a few questions about SAM and our plans to add projects and tasks for Sway. We hear you!! Janet Fleming-Halmrast @janetfleming shared the document attached, which is an assignment that she uses for Sway in her class. I've shared this with our SAM product development team too!! 


A lot of you had great ideas around using Sway as a resume tool, which is a great idea. There were some questions about the Pathbrite app in MindTap, which is a digital portfolio tool for students right in the MindTap platform! Efrem asked:


As I was talking to a couple of my students this summer about Pathbrite, one of them stated that a limitation of Pathbrite is its inability to show demonstrable content. For example, if a student wanted to show a running computer program that he or she had created, she didn't see how it could do it. I haven't seen it yet, either. Do you know whether it has such capability?


I'm looking into this and will post a reponse to this thread when I know more. One immediate workaround is to take a screen capture and upload it into the Pathbrite app. Here's a video all about Pathbrite that might be helpful! A student walks you through the app:



I'm also sharing this flyer! I will absolutely follow up when I know what kind of content can be put into Pathbrite. 

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I have not used Pathbrite, so I will definitely download your document and get to know it. Thank you!


@CassieC Pathbright is such a unique way for students to showcase their acomplishments!  Learning and growth is a team effort - it takes a village.  Thank you for sharing this post.


@AVerno @janetfleming


I found out some more information regarding Pathbrite! First, regarding Efrem's question on how a student can show a running computer program -- this is how the student would do go about showcasing that work:


The student can LINK OUT to the program if it is housed somewhere, or record the program running and insert that video into Pathbrite. Out Platform team uses I use, which is free and very easy to use, and will give you a link you can pass along or embed.


Also, here is a recorded webinar with tips from an instructor that uses PathBrite.

The Journey to Digital: 3 Ways to Use ePortfolios to Drive Student Success
Facilitated by: Dr. Melissa Jordine, California State University, Fresno
Date Recorded: 9/6/2016

Looking for new ways to drive student success inside and outside of the classroom?  Join us as Dr. Melissa Jordine shares her experience using the Pathbrite ePortfolio platform in her courses, at the program level, and also to aid students in a very real way: granting them the ability to build ePortfolios highlighting the skills and accomplishments that extend beyond their GPAs.  Learn how Pathbrite has helped to promote active learning and develop important skills among Dr. Jordine’s students.


Thank you. So a  video screen capture that is uploaded is the answer!