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CCE Takeaways


Hi all! I am back from vacation and settling back into the real world.  We are a few weeks out from CCE and our team is already planning for next year. This was my first event as part of the Computing team and I had a great experience learning more about our industry and meeting our instructors.


For those of you who attended, I'd love to hear from you! What were your top takeaways from the conference. Did you learn anything new? What are you taking back to the classroom? What were your favorite sessions?


Whether you attended the conference or not, we'd also like to know what topics you'd like to have covered in future events. How can we provide the most value at these events?


Are you having one in or near San Antonio, TX, in the near future?  ("near" being relative, of course)


I was in the programming focus group and was excited to learn more about the IDE built into MindTap for programming. Our department currently offers classes in Java and C++ but are looking at integrating in some Python without adding so much cost to the students. Being able to have Cengage Unlimited as an option could help us accomplish that without any additional cost and the features of the IDE within MindTap were very promising.

I liked the ability to have Hands on Labs available as an option for some of the sessions. It gave me a way to explore the options available in SAM and MindTap. Currently we use SAM for Trainings, Exams, and Projects from the Shelly Cashman Series for our Computer Concepts and Computer Application Classes.

Another thing I really appreciated was the ability to ask questions and get clarification on what is coming for Office 2019 and SAM.

I also appreciate the ability to network with the authors and other instructors. I especially like learning about the new and innovative technologies they are integrating within their courses. Thanks for making that possible.


Well said!  I agree with all that!


Valued Contributor

I would like to see something on systems analysis and design. If you don't get that part right, then it doesn't matter what system you end up with. I would also like more on big data and data mining. That is huge business and such a valuable skill.


I agree Emily!  I would like a session on Systems Analysis and Design along with some Business/Data Analytics.  The networking with others is my all time favorite part, however.