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CCE Spotlight - Cengage Unlimited from All Angles


Join us at CCE to learn more about Cengage Unlimited from every perspective! This session will include a panel of instructors, students, parents, and Cengage staff. We’ll explore the impact that CU has had on higher education - from affordability to an enhanced learning experience. Our panel will share their first thoughts and impressions, overall experience, how CU has affected student learning, and where we’re headed next. You’ll get the inside scoop about what’s on the horizon and have an opportunity to get your CU questions answered.


Ready to learn more about CU? Start the conversation here and post any questions you have in the comments below!

Frequent Commenter

Looking forward to hearing additional information about Cengage Unlimited.  I am the lead faculty member to include Cengage Unlimited at Community College of Beaver County.  We had courses in Fall 2018 and added more courses in the Spring 2019 semester to use Cengage Unlimited.  Students are enjoying the cost savings for their textbooks.  Cengage has been working with the faculty to train them to be knowledgeable for Cengage Unlimited and the additional resources for the courses - example - MindTap.  Cengage's great Learning Consultants and Customer Success Mangers had on campus training for the faculty - Excellent!


Our division has fully embraced Cengage Unlimited at Gaston College. Our struggle has been with the bookstore selling the wrong product to students, and in some cases, administrators are more concerned with the money loss from the mark-up on books than with saving our students money.


As we are into the second semester of Cengage Unlimited, I think more people are on board because of the financial break students are getting. Support from Cengage has been awesome, as well as the Mindtap product.


CU is working great for us and our students at Seminole State.  They can order online or on campus from our BN bookstore, or directly from Cengage or via our LMS.  And students love it when they enter another class using Cengage products and they don't have to pay anything else!