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CARE Research Study Underway - Participate to Help Educate!


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Hello and Happy Weekend!


If you could participate in a movement that would change a national misconception which is putting students at a major disadvantage, would you? If you knew instructors, just like yourselves, need help defending the Intro Computing course on their campus, would you want to take action?

If one of your answers is 'yes', please join in! All disciplines are welcome as all students, regardless of their major, are affected. Be the change!

CARE Resources

Recorded Webinar – the entire recording is only 24 minutes long – pass it on!

Participate to Help Educate! – fill out this short registration form to join in on the research!

Register for a CARE (training) - ‘How exactly do I give the intake exam to my students?’ webinar.

CARE Infographic Research

CARE Instructor PowerPoint


Important Notes

  • The CARE intake exam needs to be given BEFORE any computing instruction – please, do not delay signing up – your students need you!
  • There is one more informational webinar with Rachelle if you’d like to attend – Monday, August 14th @ 11:00am EST – register here!
  • Forward this email on – ALL instructors are welcome as this is a problem that spans ALL disciplines and affects ALL graduates
    • Tuesday, August 15th @ 2:00pm EST
    • Friday, August 25th @ 3:00pm EST
  • You do not have to attend a training webinar to participate.  Once you fill out the ‘Participate to Educate’ registration, I will email you with implementation instructions.  If you want to speak to me live and ask questions, come to the training!         


Thank you for your support!


Stephanie Albracht

Marketing Manager | Computing


20 Channel Center Street | Boston, MA 02210

Main 617-757-8214 | Mobile 617-366-7174




Can you give me a synopsis of the webinar?  Our lovely filters here seem to think the website linked is dangerous.


CARE Banner w BG Quote.jpg


Hi @Stephen_J_Padilla ,


Thank you for asking!  Here are a few resources to catch you up!  If you'd like to sign up to participate, please do so here: CARE Research Study Registration



Let me know if you have any questions!


The results are rolling in at Seminole State!!


Everything that is on your SharePoint is still blocked by our filters.  That's why I asked for a synopsis.


Hopefully, I'll get a chance to try to look at this stuff from home.


same here!  Our college servers would not allow us to view the sharepoint files.  


I did submit a ticket to our IT department, but they are not responding quickly.  I had some e-mails with one of the technicians who does not seem to know what she is doing.


Regardless, our legal beagles are taking so long to review this thing that I'm not expecting to be able to participate.  :-(


Maybe this attached document will help?


Thank you so much, Sandy!  This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to get when I asked for a synopsis.


You have blessed me greatly!!