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Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom


Hello! I hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting some R&R ahead of the upcoming Fall semester. Here at Cengage we are hard at work getting prepped for the launch of Cengage Unlimited and helping to support our students and instructors.


I ran across this article about AI, and it got me wondering if and how any of you may be implementing AI education into your classrooms. Aside from Hollywood's fascination with machines taking over the world, AI is increasingly becoming more prevalent.


From the article:


The AI era will inevitably create new job types, ranging from machine regulators to emotion engineers. To succeed, all students will need to understand, at least at a high level, how machines perform. In addition, they should better equip themselves to do what machines cannot do.


That last sentence REALLY stuck out to me, as new generations of students become increasingly dependent on technology. For example, I often pointed out to my students not to rely on the spellcheck feature in Word because it only checks the spelling of the word and not the context. So if they were to use "there" instead of "their," spellcheck wouldn't pick that up. Yet time and time again, students would blame spellcheck when they lost points for lack of proofreading.


You can read the entire article from Forbes HERE. Have you considered including AI education in your courses, or are you already?


"R&R ahead of the upcoming Fall semester"?  I teach all year long!  Smiley Wink


@Stephen_J_Padilla I always did too! We used to get a couple weeks between the end of Summer and beginning of Fall, but it never seemed like much of a break Smiley Very Happy