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Are Technology and other STEM graduates career-ready? - Faculty Input Needed

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Are Technology and other STEM students Career-Ready?...What soft skills do they need?... VERY SHORT SURVEY  ~7 minutes




Upon completion of the full survey, you will have the option to enter a random drawing for one of ten $25 Tango gift cards. There will be no connection of your email address to your survey submission.


Your Assistance Needed:  I am a community college faculty member finishing my research on employability (soft) skills of STEM students (all disciplines).

     Please complete this short survey to share your insights on the employability skills and competencies of today's STEM college graduates.  STEM-related jobs continue to be in high demand, yet projections show approximately 2.4 million of these jobs have gone unfilled in 2018 (Smithsonian Science Education Center, 2019).

     One challenge that exists is that employers expect STEM graduates to have non-technical, as well as, their technical skills when they are hired. But which non-technical (employability) skills are important and what are student competencies in these skills? This research will provide some insight to these questions. This anonymous survey will take around 7 minutes to complete.   

     Also, please feel free to share with any colleagues who may also be interested in participating from either the employer or faculty perspective.  Data collected is for research purposes only. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

     Thank you in advance for your time and interest.


Barbara D. Turner

     Rowan College Business and Technology Professor
     Wilmington University Doctoral Candidate


<* This post was submitted with permission*>



Happy to help!  I failed to enter my email at the end for the drawing...skipped right over that page, oops!

Frequent Commenter

Thank you!  I have added your email to the list. 

Valued Contributor

I have taken the survey, thanks for posting it. Will you please share the results when you are done.

Frequent Commenter

I would be happy to share results. Thank you!

Valued Contributor

You are welcome, glad i could help!