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Advertising-Supported Websites Are Making the Internet So Frustrating


If you click rapidly around the internet (as I do looking for news), you really feel the negative side effects of what websites are doing to support themselves through advertising. Some things that frustrate me:


  • Sites load more slowly because they are loading a lot of ads in addition to the (usually one) article you want to read.
  • Even when your article appears, after a few seconds it suddenly gets pushed down the page because some ads at the top of the page take a little longer to load.
  • Video ads start to play automatically - or they start to play after a little time passes (on purpose? Because they haven't loaded yet while you're still reading?)
  • You have to locate the video that is playing and then find out how to stop it without inadvertently clicking on an ad
  • When you try to switch tags by moving your cursor to the tab bar, the page suddenly displays a "Wait! Don't leave before you subscribe to our newsletter (or download a white paper)!" 



I understand that news sites need support (and I subscribe to a couple of them), but wow, this situation stinks.


More on this:

Why Are Newspaper Websites So Horrible?


All of these things frustrate me as well, but I'm just thankful that I don't have to pay a fee to each site just for access.  I'd rather deal with the annoyance of the ads than deal with paying small fees or subscriptions all the time.


The two types that really bother me are:

  • The ads that mimic the appearance of the button I'm supposed to press to start my legitimate download or go to the next step in a process.
  • The sites that have pictorial news that must be clicked through instead of scrolled through.





Totally agree with you on your second bullet. I hate it when news that could be summarized in a couple sentences or bullets is needlessly made into a video containing ads.  I click away from those videos right away.


Didn't I hear that Google was going to start some kind of subscription service so that you could, for example, subscribe to both the Wall Street Journal online and the New York Times online on one site and for one price?  That would be convenient for us (don't know if those news sources would like it...).


@michael_britt, apparently you heard correctly.  I had not heard, but I did manage to find this:  Introducing Subscribe with Google



Yup - that's the one.  I can't find out when it'll be released though. The blog post, oddly, doesn't give that info.


Here is a snippet of audio from episode 130 of the Marketing Companion podcast (highly recommended podcast by the way) in which co-host Tom Webster (along with mark Schaefer) talks about his strong distaste for websites that inundate the reader with ads:




I totally agree with this sentiment!


I refuse to look at my local newspaper site without an appropriate Ad Blocker, literally, 60% of the page is Ad's on both sides, top and bottom. The remaining 40% is news content in the middle. I would rather see that 40% with blank white space on the side. Accuweather is just as bad, they want you to pay to remove the ads, or send you complaints on every page that you are running an ad blocker, they are getting creative finding their ways about Ad Blockers like AdBlockPlus.