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Guided Pathways: Viable Option or Terrible Idea?

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Recently during a conference call, a faculty member shared that their instiution was in the process of moving toward the Guided Pathways Model. In addition to the above link, there are a coupld of other articles included that provide some additional perspective.

The question is whether this is a viable option for student success, or a terrible idea in terms of limiting student options and restricting faculty teaching flexibility. 

If your institution is using, or is considering implementing the Guided Pathways model, please share your insights, perspectives, and experiences.




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Accepted by topic author Eugene_Matthews
‎03-11-2017 08:18 AM

I wanted to share the link to a video filmed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that describes the Guided Pathways work at Sinclair Community College.  After viewing it and learning more about our completion work at Sinclair, feel free to share your views on Guided Pathways!


Gates video

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Angela, thank you for that very helpful video explanation.. it is clear that when combined with the resources provided at Sinclair, that Guided Pathways provides some much needed focus for some students. There are obviously a great many positives that can be gleaned from this program, and since not every institution has joined, I wonder what the cons are? 


Cost at for adoption or implementation in terms of time and other resources

Increased personnel workload

Education train up for the student and their sponsors/supporters

Trade-offs with local businesses and industries 


At Sinclair, these questions were obviously asked and answered, and I think it would be valuable to know where those conversations started, and how they were guided toward a college-wide collaborative agreement. In fact, is Guided Pathways a faculty supported initiative, or is it an administrative delivered program?