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What is Cengage Unlimited?

Discover our first-of-its-kind digital subscription service, which provides students on-demand access to all of our digital learning platforms, ebooks, online homework and study tools – in one place. Click here to learn more: Cengage Unlimited

Valued Contributor

Great promise will come with Cengage Unlimited in the use of WebAssign and MindTap Math Foundations.  I'm especially excited about co-requisite model implementation.  We will be able to develop supportive course structures complete with diagnostic resources and resources to establish core competencies in mathematics, engineering, statistics, physics, chemistry, economics, etc.  Hoping PlaceU is also included in Cengage Unlimited!

Thanks for your feedback, Mike. I'm checking on the availablity with PlaceU in the Unlimted offer. Stay tuned...

Mike - PlaceU will not be included in the "first wave" of Cengage Unlimited. The reason for this is that PlaceU is not part of our single-sign on (SSO) system. The Unlimited team informed me that they are considering it for future updates to the subscription service. Thanks for the question.