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Unlimited Investment in You & Your Students

You invest every day in your students, and it’s easier than ever to give them an affordable, accessible and awesome semester. Now, it’s your turn—we’re investing in you!


How? Adopt Cengage for your fall class and be confident knowing we’ve committed to your success by investing comprehensively in our products and services. We’ve:

  • Created Cengage Unlimited—a new service addressing student access and affordability
  • Dedicated a team of 35 learning scientists and instructional designers to our products
  • Added 250 people to our support teams for fall classes
  • And much more, all in an effort to put you and your students first

Starting in August, your students can learn with materials they can actually afford! Cengage Unlimited empowers them to break barriers with access to over 22,000 digital products—at their fingertips, whenever they want them, for $119.99 per semester.


We’re going strong, so together we can build a foundation of limitless learning for your students. Contact a Learning Consultant and learn more about Cengage Unlimited!

Best regards,



The Cengage Team