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Godzilla - Our "Older Sibling" Archetype?

If you have an older sibling I think this will work for you: remember the time you were picked on by bullies and your older brother/sister came to your rescue? This is a common theme and so much so that it ought to be listed among the  better-known archetypes (e.g., the hero, the mother figure, the wise man, etc.). These days that older sibling is Godzilla. While the character of Godzilla started out being a terrible monster, recent movies now depict him as a kind of older sibling who - reluctantly - comes to your rescue when you're in trouble. Without giving away any significant spoilers, in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the world gets in trouble and Godzilla comes marching in to make things right.  Like your older sibling, he really doesn't want to get involved (he'd rather just keep sleeping), but, ok, I guess I better fix things.

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Photo credit: AntMan3001 on / CC BY-SA


I do not have an older sibling, but I am one.  "Godzilla" might describe me very well.


I am the oldest siblings. I don’t consider myself to be anything like Godzilla. However, I am somewhat expected to “save” the day.


My brother was more of a "superman" archetype.  I idolized him, he could do no wrong, and whenever I was in over my head he knew exactly how to come in and save the day and would without fail.  Now my older sister?....   That might be more like Godzilla, but I'm thinking of the Rampage movie...


I have no sibling but have grown up with several cousins. Have played the role of "saving the world" many times :-)


I'm number 3 of 4 kids and I wouldn't call the oldest Godzilla.  My older brother seemed to be the over-achiever and did everything right and my sister was the complete opposite!  Funny how birth order affects personality..Smiley Wink