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With Cengage Unlimited, students projected to save $60 million during 2018-2019 school year


In a recent survey, students reported that purchasing course materials (new and used) was the second highest source of financial stress, after tuition. But, with Cengage Unlimited now available, students have one less thing to worry about. And with over 500,000 subscribers to Cengage Unlimited at the end of September 2018, it is clear that students see the value offered by this subscription service. Looking ahead, Cengage expects to be well beyond 500,000 subscribers heading into the spring term. Read more about the survey and Cengage Unlimited.


The power of the Cengage Unlimited network effect


After just eight weeks in the market, Cengage Unlimited already has more than 500,000 subscribers. This is good news, but even better news? The power of the network effect triggered by Cengage Unlimited is unstoppable! Based on a recent survey of Cengage Unlimited subscribers, we know that:


  • 30% of Cengage Unlimited subscribers actively recommended it to another student
  • 10% of Cengage Unlimited subscribers mentioned Cengage Unlimited to their faculty
  • 50% of Cengage Unlimited subscribers who heard about Cengage Unlimited from a friend also recommended Cengage Unlimited to another friend


All this influence in action after just eight weeks! Wow! That's the network effect at work!

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How about keeping authors informed about how all this "good news" will impact our royalties.  We all know this is a good thing for students but it is our work that is being sold at cut-rate prices.