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Women In IT
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This summer our campus worked with a group of Upward Bound high school students interested in S.T.E.M. careers. For four weeks I worked with 8 young women and 7 young men as they learned about different areas of technology including using Raspberry Pis to learn about and write programs, using HTML and creating web pages, writing instructions to create a 3D drone body and then printing them, learning to fly drones and then putting together their relay teams for an obstacle course competition, keeping track of data in Excel and using it to make predictions for future decisions, creating presentations and sharing them with their classmates. We often hear about the lack of women pursuing degrees and careers in IT, so It was great to see the young women in particular as they gained confidence in their abilities in technology. Does your institution have any programs in place to help recruit and retain women in your IT degrees?

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Yes!! We're in the middle of an IT camp sponsored by a local Magic Basketball Player - Aaron Gordon and his mom Shelly (former Intel employee from Silicon Valley):


We also belong to NCWIT Extension Services: Learning Circles.  You might consider getting your school involved; they give you tons of support!