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Unlimited Possibilities with Office 2019: Coming Soon


Recently, Microsoft announced the development of a brand-new Office suite, appropriately named Microsoft® Office 2019, which will be their last perpetual version of Office.  As an instructor myself at Central Virginia Community College, I look forward to being on the cutting-edge of technology to best prepare my students for their bright futures. So what should we all know to get ready?


What is a "perpetual" Office?

  1. Microsoft categorizes software by how it is paid for, discriminating between a license that was bought outright from one that is essentially "rented" because it's paid for over time, like a subscription (Office 365). Office 2019 will be a perpetual version.
  2. Office 365 is now updated twice a year in March and September. The perpetual versions of Office are not updated except for security patches. 
  3. Though Microsoft has promoted their cloud services (Office 365) in recent years, the company has realized that not everybody is ready to move to the cloud and Office 2019 is built for such customers who prefer to keep their work offline although you can use OneDrive with this product. Microsoft® Office 2019 can be purchased for a single payment instead of monthly subscription payments.

So what's the timeline for the final release of the new perpetual copy of Office 2019?

  • Microsoft pegged the launch of the suite for the second half of this year - 2018. 
  • Historically, Microsoft has released Office products in the month of September.
  • Microsoft will use the March feature upgrade for Office 365 ProPlus as the basis for Office 2019.

Will an Office 2019 Preview be released?

  • Microsoft will release a preview of the Office 2019 suite during the summer of 2018.
  • The preview will be available for anyone to download and expires when the full version is released.

Can I continue to use Microsoft Office 2016?

  • Yes, but Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Office 2016 will be barred from connecting to Microsoft's cloud-based services, including hosted email (Exchange) and online storage (OneDrive) after Oct. 13, 2020.

When will Cengage have the Introductory Office 2019 book series ready?

  • The publishing team at Cengage Learning has already began preparing for Office 2019.
  • The Intro titles will be ready by March of 2019 and the rest of the titles/MindTap/SAM 2019 will be ready for your Fall 2019 classes.
  • And if you have not heard yet, Cengage Unlimited begins this Fall. Cengage Unlimited is a first-of-its-kind subscription model offering students access to unlimited course materials each semester—all for one low price. Tap the Cengage library of over 20,000 products across 675 courses to be unstoppable, for less! See how it works.

In upcoming posts to the community, I will share many new features that will be a part of the exciting new verion of Office 2019.