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Staff Spotlight - Carrie Carter

Meet our team with our weekly “Staff Spotlight” blog feature!  As we approach the launch of our Microsoft Office and Computer Concepts 2019 products we'd like to introduce you to members of our team at Cengage and thank them for all their hard work. Each week we'll highlight a new teammate so you can get to know them. If you’re heading to CCE this year you may get to meet a few of them in person, too!


This week we talked to Carrie Carter who is an Engineering Manager for our SAM platform and has been with Cengage for 8 years.


How does your role help build learning for our MS Office 2019 titles?

To deliver SAM on time with the new content.


What are 3 words you’d use to describe the Office 2019 team?

Dedicated, Responsible, Caring


What is something you learned in the last week (work related or not)?

Clumpy snow is really hard to dig out of a dog’s paws.


What’s your hidden talent?

Sadly, none. I am really boring.


What song is your current favorite and why?

Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer. Because I have a teenage daughter.



Ok, so I could not say enough about last week's spotlight, Stephanie Lorenz, but Carrie is the bomb!!   SAM would not "be" without her!!!!!! Thanks for all you do @carrie_carter !

Valued Contributor

Carrie is awesome and super woman! She is so hard working and dedicated. No, you are not boring Carrie.  All your work is appreciated.